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Flakt (India) offers Chilled beams for Buildings, Hotels, Malls, Special Buildings

FlaktWoods offer Chilled Beams for Buildings, Hotels, Shopping Malls, special buildings etc.  
  • Architectural Innovative conceptual way of air conditioning which consumes low power with a very quiet operation.
  • In systems with chilled beams , the air is cooled by means of cold water, and the supply airflow rate is dimensioned in a way that fulfils the requirements of good air quality.
  • Flexicool chilled beams are a comprehensive range of air conditioning beams suitable for most applications where functions that ensure optimum comfort in the room are considered of great importance.
  • Flexicool chilled beams are designed to ensure a draught-free and quiet indoor climate, even with greater cooling effects.
  • Comes with multiple features as per the requirement viz. Comfort control, Flow pattern control, Lighting, etc.