Chemical filter or Air Purification products

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Delhi, India
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Filtering Machine
Active Carbon
Air Filter


The Caryscrub equipments provide solutions to clean air of undesirable gaseous contaminants.


The CARYSCRUB equipments provide the most comprehensive, effective and affordable solutions to clean air of undesirable gaseous contaminants. The systems are designed to eliminate both the gases as well as suspended air particulates to provide ideal work conditions for Man and Machine.

Working Principle;

The system consists of 4 main sections which are again application oriented. The 1st section comprises of particulate pre-filter to arrest atmospheric suspended dust.  The 2nd section is of the required type and quantity of chemical filters, the 3rd section is the after/ final filter, and finally the draw-through fan section. The air to be treated is made to pass through the sections in the same order. Sufficient residence time is provided during the flow through the chemical filters, formed of different grades of virgin activated carbons, impregnated activated alumina and impregnated carbons, used alone or in combination to rid the air of contaminants, by methods of adsorption, chemical oxidation and neutralization.

CARYSCRUB systems are designed to operate and maintain contaminant gas levels at 1PPB (parts per billion) or less.

The CARSCRUB range:

A detailed analysis of the parameters related to quantity of air flow, types & concentration of gaseous impurities in air, space availability, chemical media life expectation and customer budget, decides as to which system would be most appropriate for a particular location.

DBS Deep Bed Systems:

  • Air is made to pass through media filled in perforated housing/ beds of minimum 12 (1 or 305mm) thickness.
  • Depending upon the mix of contaminants, two or more beds are used in series to achieve good removal results.
  • Used for pressurization applications only.
  • Used at locations with high gaseous loading and good media holding is necessity for continuous operation.
  • Powered units of horizontal configuration.

TBS Thin Bed Systems:

  • Media is housed in perforated retractable cassettes of 1 or 3 (25mm or 75mm) thickness.
  • 1 cassettes are used for commercial applications, while 3 cassettes are mostly for industrial use.
  • Two or more stages are used in series to achieve good removal results.
  • Usually used for re-circulation applications, but may be used for pressurization at less challenged areas.
  • Low pressure drops due to lesser bed thickness.
  • Offered in vertical configuration for standard sizes, in powered version.
  • Horizontal units are offered for larger airflows.